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Building a Better Industry Together

Published on: October 27, 2020

Construction is a group effort. Our industry is much like a jobsite – multiple parties following a plan and working toward a common goal. NYCA itself is made up of like-minded, open-shop construction firms, but beyond our own alliance, we partner with other organizations for the betterment and safety of the industry as a whole. Such collaboration gives members access to NYCA’s own influence as well as third-part resources for safety training and professional development.

Working with a community of open-shop labor advocates allows NYCA to keep members up to date on changes within the industry while also providing solutions. For example, a recent extension to the SST card-in-hand policy gives construction workers until March 21, 2021 to complete 40 hours of site safety training, among other requirements. Through NYCA’s relationship with TSC Training Academy, members can efficiently meet SST requirements by completing Prescribed SST Course Bundles. To learn more about these bundles and to browse required SST courses, click here.

The professional benefits of NYCA membership aren’t limited to satisfying policy requirements, however. NYCA’s partnerships also open pathways for members and their employees. Through NYCA’s relationship with the Empire State Association of Builders and Contractors (ABC), members have access to craft training in the following trades at discounted rates.

  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Heavy Equipment Operator (Excavation)
  • Welding

ABC’s training material is available in a convenient “modular” format, which allows for the development of customized programs to meet your specific needs. All training begins with learning the core skills of the industry.

For more information, and to learn which discounts your organization is eligible for, contact Amy Platenikat (585) 363-1657 or

NYCA members themselves are available to help other members succeed. Grassi Advisors & Accountants, for instance, presents talks on a comprehensive list of construction industry topics, ranging from cash flow planning to office reopening. These informative sessions are available to both Board and Affiliate members of NYCA. To learn more about Grassi’s Construction Practice and the services it offers, visit
NYCA is about building – building structures and building a community. Learn more about NYCA’s role in that community by clicking here.