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DOB Sweeps Present Unique Opportunity to Showcase NYCA Safety Standards

Published on: June 28, 2021

Following three preventable deaths on separate construction sites in May, the New York City Department of Buildings has announced widespread, zero-tolerance safety sweep inspections of the city’s larger and more complex construction sites. The sweep began last month and is expected to continue into July. You can read the DOB’s press release in its’ entirety by clicking here. For members of an organization with a safety record as exemplary as NYCA’s, these sweeps present an opportunity to showcase the open-shop construction industry’s commitment to safe worksites.

As industry professionals know, DOB inspectors will be conducting site visits at thousands of construction work sites across the city and will issue enforcement actions for any observed safety violations. Sites found to have serious safety lapses will be shut down, and contractors can face penalties of up to $25,000 for each violation. At each work site, inspectors will be:

  • Ensuring permitted construction projects are in full compliance with their required site safety plans.
  • Confirming contractors and safety professionals are closely adhering to New York City’s construction safety regulations.
  • Checking that workers on site are properly using safety harnesses and fall arrest systems where required.
  • Distributing “Worker Alert” safety information on how to prevent worker falls and sending direct mailers to all permit holders performing roof work.

It doesn’t take safety sweeps for NYCA members to keep safety top of mind, however. In addition to the safety standards set forth by DOB and OSHA, NYCA adheres to its own comprehensive set of safety standards drafted by the Alliance’s Safety Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. You can review our safety standards by following this link.

Safety sweeps are a serious matter, but they should not be a source of stress for members that maintain compliance with NYCA’s safety standards, as this set of regulations goes beyond DOB’s own requirements. Furthermore, many of NYCA’s safety regulations specifically address and aim to reduce the ever-present risk of falls. These include:

  • Fall protection at 6 feet for leading edge work by all trades at all times
  • No leaving work areas with fall exposures (unprotected leading edge)
  • Have a full-time dedicated Corporate Safety Director
  • No radios, cell phone use (during working hours at the work area), or earbuds

We encourage our members to consistently review their safety procedures to ensure compliance with all DOB, OSHA, and NYCA regulations. Together, we can make our jobsites and our industry even safer.