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The New York Construction Alliance (NYCA) is a trade association of open shop general contractors and construction managers. Since its establishment in 2016, NYCA has successfully built a network of over 850 industry professionals in New York City. Together, we pursue a common goal: to advance open shop construction through a commitment to safety, integrity, quality and diversity, on-site and in the office.

The New York Construction Alliance is a platform to connect, support, and advocate for business owners who share these core values.


NYCA invites young professionals and industry experts to sit at the same table. We select our Members and Associate Members from carefully vetted New York City-based firms whose values and practices align with NYCA’s mission. Through our network, we ensure small and/or emergent businesses have access to the experience, knowledge, and opportunities provided by established construction firms and contractors. By the same token, we introduce Members who represent larger companies to quality subcontractors.


NYCA offers a variety of educational tools to support and educate its members. Our Board is attentive to trends in the industry, as well as members’ concerns and needs. When there is a shared call for education on a certain topic or practice, NYCA provides free seminars and/or training. Our educational initiatives address key matters in safety, finance, insurance, technology, and more. In addition to seminars and training, we also encourage and facilitate mentorships between Members and Associate Members so that all of NYCA’s affiliated firms continue to improve the open shop market.


NYCA also acts as a unified voice to advocate for members’ shared needs. Our Board of Directors listens to the concerns and opinions raised by members as they relate to City and State elections. When prudent, we may use membership fees to support politicians whose agenda supports NYCA’s mission statement.