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Now is the Time to Review COVID-19 Guidelines for Safe Jobsites

Published on: December 14, 2020

With a second wave of COVID-19 looming, the winter months present a unique risk of spreading coronavirus. Now is the time to make sure everyone on your team reviews resources for mitigating the spread of the disease on jobsites.

NYCA has consolidated COVID-19 resources from a number of organizations. These provide insight on everything from guidance on use of masks to protocol for disinfecting work spaces. One such resource is the Construction Industry Safety Coalition’s (CISC) customizable “COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan” for construction companies. This plan has been updated as of the end of October and should be reviewed, if your company has not done so already.

Precaution and sensibility now will keep our workforce healthy and safe as the year draws to a close and the new year begins. Follow the links below, and give your team a refresher. It can save lives.

CISC Recommendations: COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan for Construction

General COVID-19 Information for Businesses

OSHA Coronavirus-Related Guidance for Construction Teams


Carefully following social distancing and disinfection guidelines can also allow us to visit our loved ones this Holiday Season with greater confidence that we are not ill. Although, strictly following these guidelines can feel tedious, doing so can provide peace of mind that will make the Holiday Season more enjoyable.

Adherence to COVID-19 guidelines is not just a social responsibility. It’s also good business. Keeping your workplaces and jobsites safe and your teams healthy allows projects to continue smoothly and to be completed on time. Ending 2020 with a refresher on proper procedures and protocols will make for a healthier new year.