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Safety is one of NYCA’s core values, so we do everything in our power to prepare our workforce to meet and exceed safety regulations. In addition to NYDOB and OSHA safety standards, our Members must follow NYCA’s own safety standards drafted by the Alliance’s Safety Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. We also provide seminars and training opportunities on safety regulations to ensure all Members have access to quality safety education.

Here are the NYCA safety standards:

All NYCA members commit to NYCA-approved Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) procedures in construction operations to protect employees, clients, employers, the public, and property from hazards and activities that may cause of contribute to workplace injuries and property damage. Additionally, we are pleased to announce NYCA’s published safety standards and regulations agreed to at a recent meeting with safety committee members.

These standards include:

  • OSHA-30, valid & current, for all Competent Persons and Supervisory Personnel
  • OSHA-10, current & valid for all workers
  • Competent person must be able to communicate effectively with their workers and site supervision
  • Orientation Translation Form
  • PPE – hard hats, safety glasses (as required by specific task, activity, hazard assessment), safety vests or high visibility clothing
  • 100 percent tool guards
  • Tool tethering for all leading edge work
  • Evacuation program
  • Fall protection at 6 feet for leading edge work by all trades at all times
  • Have a full-time dedicated Corporate Safety Director
  • No radios, cell phone use (during working hours at the work area), earbuds
  • No leaving work areas with fall exposures (unprotected leading edge)
  • Compliance with update Construction Confined Space Program
  • Must have an orientation program (company and site specific)
  • Must have a Safety Plan (Corporate and Site specific)
  • Accident investigation program and lessons learned
  • Monetary Fine and Penalty Program


NYCA is also committed to Public and Worker Safety. Members of NYCA have zero tolerance for the following:

  • Tobacco products of any kind, including vapors, e-cigarettes, etc. are forbidden on site and within 25 feet of site
  • Leaving unprotected fall hazards
  • Firearms and weapons
  • Drugs and alcohol use
  • Horseplay, harassment, fighting
  • Theft
  • Destruction of property
  • Tampering with fire suppression system

Finally, NYCA has released a list of goals for all NYCA Members to achieve in the near future. Through this list we aim to model the following advancements in the open-shop construction industry:

  • 100 percent safety glass usage
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Voluntary Ethnicity Form
  • Have a “Crisis Management Plan” for all NYCA members
  • Develop and implement a “Quality Control Program” for all NYCA members
  • Develop and implement a “Water Infiltration Program” for all NYCA members
  • Access control, worker badging
  • Requirement to have subcontractor complete JHA for all work (preplanning)
  • Visitor requirements and safety concerns