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A Voice

By far, the most important reason to join and support NYCA is to have, create, and
maintain a “Voice”.

As small business owners, we do not have the time to keep up with all the political developments and New York City regulations that are constantly changing. NYCA can do that for us and keep us informed of proposed laws from our New York City council members and state legislators, many of which would be detrimental to the Open Shop construction industry. NYCA can help stop much of the proposed legislation and/or suggest modifications to the legislation by maintaining relationships with state and local representatives. As an individual contractor, most of us do not have a voice, but with NYCA speaking on our behalf, our Voice will be heard loud and clear.

Bill Freeswick, Ryder Construction


We have all experienced the rapidly changing safety environment in NYC.

Whereas NYCA supports all safety changes that make our work sites safer, we also strongly believe that we should be actively contributing to these policy changes and assisting the regulators on the scope and timing of these changes. NYCA’s safety committee has demonstrated leadership in this area and is actively sought out for our opinions on these matters. As a NYCA member you will have firsthand access to these policy changes and will be recognized as a member of an organization that has embraced safety as a core value in your organization.

Bill Cote, Hudson Meridian


One of the many things that has been difficult over the past year is the ability to network, meet people, companies and vendors in our industry.

As we all know we are in the early stages of reopening NY. NYCA offers unique exposure to the largest Open Shop Construction Managers in the City along with many leading Subcontractors and Vendors.

Lance Franklin, Triton Construction


A founding principal of the New York Construction Alliance is that the organization serves as a
forum where open-shop general contractors and owner/builders can collaborate and educate on a
host of topics.

We, therefore, created a learning platform through which our workforce is properly trained through collaboration with ABC and other industry leading safety firms on topics such as safety, industry requirements, and overall jobsite awareness. Today, I am proud to say NYCA's open-shop sites are as safe as any in NYC, because our workforce is among the best trained.

Gerald Miceli, LM Development Partners